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Our Mission

K R College of Education is aimed at delivering socially opted, scrupulously and ethically upstanding, Qualified, expertise and dedicated energetic educators of tomorrow through the development of the basement points to construct next level of life.

Educators are the signals of light in society, the ethical improvement and discipline of them are the establishment to serve the society in a genuine manner.

  • To plan an one of a kind academic condition for Learning, Scholarship, Professionalism, and Collaboration that cultivates Excellence in dynamic understudy learning and expert development.
  • To outline and present imaginative, coordinated, between disciplinary educational programs in Education and different Sports and amusements or games and associated territories and give Leadership to the Profession.
  • To offer professional graduate, Post-graduate and Research Programs in Education, Sports and unified fields.
  • To deliver skillful well-being judicious Education instructors at different levels, will's identity completely prepared to confer guideline in Education and attempt activity programs for youngsters.
  • Our education trainers will motivate students by refining and sharpen the instructing and be preparing procedures in Education and Sports.
  • To effectiveconfiguration program for the advancement and improvement of wellness and wellbeing idea among the students, personnel and the group around in order to shape them into physically fit and candidly developed professionals.
  • To Build advanced research facilities and contribute the body to skill through intellectual work and announcements, and propagate the achievement to the students, faculties and other professionals.
  • To nearly work together and arrange with the State and National bodies in Education and Sports, in issues of regular intrigue and concern.
  • Follows us our servcies