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The milestone of our college began in the year 2017. From the year of inception, we have been continuously working hard to become successful education institute around Tamilnadu and we always want to achieve academic expertise through our creative teaching methodology with an excellence objective of supporting and delivering the subject involvement of the student community.

In this competitive and growing world, we create most modern thinking, smart, creative and innovative students on every year to the society. To achieve this, our institute always researching new innovative ideas and concepts in teaching to bring excellent and skilled students to the world. Our appropriate education training program helps to develop an excellent learning environment


  • K.R College of Education giving professional laboratory facilities to our beloved students. Our laboratory facilities help students to enhance their training activities.
  • Our institute has separate hostels for men and ladies with current comforts are accessible on the campus.
  • Our institute has library houses a substantial and great accumulation of books on subject instruction, wellbeing training, diversion and preparing and instructing
  • We have a air-conditioned and comfortableauditorium with wooden flooring, fully furnished, and lighting is situated within the Campus.
  • We have convenient and fully maintained playgrounds according to multiple sports activities
  • Our institute conduct various professions development programs to motivate our students in a professional manner.

Faculty and Students

Most of our facultymembers are well experienced in their field. They apply their excessive knowledge and guidance in each and every level to make our students strong with their remarkable skills. I heartily hope and wish that continuous support from our experienced faculty members and respective students will support the growth and progress of our educational services.

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