K.R College of Education gives highly enhanced hostel facilities to our students who are far away from home. Isolate hostels for men and ladies with current comforts are accessible on the campus. A parental approach is basic for the students who are far from their home. Such an air, a home far from home, is being given. Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food items are accessible in the hostel mess. Cost of the Boarding and Lodging is met by separating framework among the Inmates.

“Improve Activity to Bolster Stress Free Mind and Body”

For providing healthy and hygienic food, steam cooking is given by the Management. A mineral water plant that gives savoring water the inn for 24 hrs is accessible.

The Hostilities appreciate continuous power supply with the guide of generator, TV, games and amusements packs have accommodated the entertainment of the prisoners. A helpful place to advance the learning and climb the step of life.

  • Students will be permitted to remain just for that academic year.
  • Social service is a fundamental thing in the hostel life. Students need to keep their rooms and environment clean. For this obligation will be assigned based on a pivot.
  • Students who leave the grounds without the authorization of warden the administration school and hostel will not be capable if at all anything happened.
  • Students should keep their cabinets securely else recuperation will be made for the repair work.
  • Students who include the exercises which are against the name and popularity of the school will be dismissed from the institute.
  • Students who need to go to their local place for occasion need to get earlier permission from the warden.
  • While going to teaching practice in schools all need to run with their uniform, and they need to keep up the train there too likewise they ought not to enjoy any exercises which impact the name and acclaim of the institution.
  • Students won't be permitted to remain inside the hostel amid the class hours.
  • Follows us our servcies